Kulttuurimylly Festival 2019 is the first ever international street theatre and puppetry festival in Eastern Helsinki, Finland.  

This festival will bring a bright beam of Cuban sunshine to the north as our dear friends and internationally acclaimed artists, puppet master and street theatre wizard Adan Rodriquez & extraordinary musician and magical theatre composer Raul Valdes from Cuba will join us. The festival programme will include world premiere of Arana inspired by Cuban street theatre and carnival tradition, Cuban Puppetry and Street Theatre Master Class for professional artists, Meeting Point Finland Seminar and other performances and special events.

The festival is hosted by East Helsinki bound visual theatre Maria Baric Company and cultural centre Kulttuurimylly and organised in co-operation with UNIMA Finland.

We welcome our next-door neighbours, strangers from the other side of the street, friends across the oceans and adventurous travellers of all kinds. Approach Finland’s capital from a whole new and inspiring perspective, experience Eastern Helsinki like never before and join us in creating something new and unique in this community! 


Kulttuurimylly Festival - Meeting Point Finland


Our Photo Album

Check out some of our favourite street theatre memories from past years. Let’s make new ones together!